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Dr. Savoy is not currently accepting new clients
Holly Savoy, PhD


Inclusive, Affirming, and Trauma-Informed Care

Dr. Holly Savoy works with her clients to collaboratively identify concerns and establish goals that will enhance relationships, increase self-acceptance and confidence, improve coping skills, and manage sources of anxiety and stress. She believes that people are generally very resilient and have a great capacity for healing and change. 

Holly Savoy, PhD


Ready to Schedule an Appointment?

Holly Savoy, PhD

Ready to be your authentic self
and live by your values?

Pursuing therapy with the goal of enhancing your life and

improving your connection to others takes courage. 

Dr. Savoy is here to support you in this important undertaking.

How does it work?

Contact the office about scheduling with Dr. Savoy and obtain information to complete an initial assessment and forms via the Client Portal.

Speak with Dr. Savoy in-person or via telehealth appointment to discuss your treatment plan and next steps.

Meet as frequently as needed to achieve your goals to help you move toward the life you deserve.

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