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Dr. Savoy provides an environment of acceptance and understanding for her clients to move forward on a path of exploration, health, growth, and healing. Counseling services are available in person and via telehealth.


Individual Psychotherapy
Dr. Savoy will work with you to collaboratively enhance your relationships, increase your self-acceptance and improve your confidence through individual counseling. 

Group Psychotherapy
Please inquire about current group availability.

Couples Therapy
Dr. Savoy works with couples to facilitate more effective communication, resolve conflicts, and promote healing.


Telehealth services are offered solely or in conjunction with in-person meetings. Telehealth services can be quite beneficial for some clients preferring the flexibility and convenience of meeting in this manner.

Dr. Savoy is licensed to provide Telehealth services through PsyPact for residents of 27 states. She utilizes a secure, HIPAA-compliant video communication platform. To participate in teletherapy as a client, you may reside or be located in NC, SC, or a participating PsyPact state and have access to a stable Internet connection, a webcam, and a private location for confidentiality.

Telehealth Insurance Coverage:  Telehealth is covered by most insurance companies during the COVID pandemic.  Some insurance companies have previously and will continue to cover telehealth services beyond the pandemic. If you have questions about your policy, please contact your insurance carrier.


All genders, sexual, romantic, and relational orientations welcome!


Dr. Savoy provides an inclusive, affirming, trauma-informed approach to individuals exploring aspects of intersectionality and in navigating their gender transition journeys. She has specialized training in gender identity and sexual identity issues. She is a WPATH Certified Provider and a founding member and past president of the Charlotte Transgender Healthcare Group.


Sometimes counseling is related to LGBTQIA+ identity issues, such as coming out, self-acceptance, dating and relationships, family relationships, and coping with discrimination and minority stress. Other times counseling is about concerns unrelated to gender or sexual identity. Thus, sometimes it is simply helpful to know you are working with an affirming therapist who is knowledgeable and sensitive to the unique stressors faced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

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